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Student Feature with Kathryn Hocking

Oracle Creator student, Kathryn, shares some insights into the creation of her oracle deck and experience within the ecourse.

Kathryn Hocking is a renowned Business Astrologer, AstroBrand Designer & the founder of the Business Astrology Certification. She helps entrepreneurs illuminate their business using astrology. Kathryn joined the course in 2021, launched her self-published 62-card deck, the Business Astrology Oracle Deckin 2022  and will be relaunching in 2024.

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Can you share a little about the inspiration behind the deck and why you wanted to create it?

I have wanted to create an oracle deck for years and I even had a previous concept that I was going to create. However, I’m glad I waited because I am so excited to launch the Business Astrology Oracle Deck – as it’s the first one of its kind (as far as I am aware!). I run a certification program in business astrology so this deck really serves two purposes – one as an additional training tool for my students and also as a way for people to run their businesses in alignment with astrology.

In what stage of the process were you before joining the course?

From memory, I had already decided on my concept and I had drafted out the list of cards that I was going to create but I had not started designing the cards and associated packaging. I felt a bit overwhelmed with all the decisions I needed to make.

What decisions did the course help you with?

I have a design business in addition to my astrology business but I have not created any physical products apart from some simple products using moo printing. I found that the course helped me navigate in particular the design decisions and specifics relating to sizing, dimensions, print stock, where to go to get quotes, how to work out your pricing, and more. It just made the process of working through the stages of concept, design, and production far less overwhelming.

What was the most valuable takeaway for you?

I think it was super important to understand how important getting proper quotes were and understanding your pricing to ensure that you cover yourself for production costs, tax and of-course profit as the cost of producing decks can be quite high.

Is there anything that surprised you about the process so far?

How much time it has taken! I think I seriously underestimated just how big a project this is to bring a beautiful oracle deck to market in a quality way! That being said I have loved the process and I am super proud of myself.

Would you like to share any details about the launch of your deck?

My deck will be relaunching in 2024. You can register your interest here.

I also have a business astrology toolkit that I am launching as an upgrade to support your use of the Business Astrology Oracle Deck.

Early registration special ends soon on March 10, 2023.

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February 28, 2023

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