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Student Feature with Dana Whitby

Oracle Creator student, Dana, shares some insights into the creation of her oracle deck and experience within the ecourse.

Dana Whitby has used and loved oracle and tarot cards since 1999. She holds an Undergraduate Degree in Psychology and a Masters Degree in Counseling. After a spiritual awakening in 2015, Dana expanded her work into the mystical realms. She uses a rich toolbox of spiritual modalities with her clients, and is trained in the areas of mediumship, regression therapy, holy fire reiki, and meditation.

Dana recently launched The Inner Compass Oracle, a 48-card deck and guidebook to activate your divine navigational system and deepen your relationship with your higher self.

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Can you share a little about the inspiration behind the deck and why you wanted to create it?

I wanted to create a deck for many reasons, but the most significant one being to honor my inner teenager. I bought my first oracle deck at the age of 15 in 1999, and I have been reading cards ever since. Throughout the creation process, I often imagined the face of my younger self if I could somehow tell her that one day she would publish her own deck. It felt like sheer magic and kept me going. The inspiration behind The Inner Compass Oracle was purely divinely channeled. My guides gave me the name of the deck, the structure, as well as the card messages. The concept of listening to your “inner compass” is widely known, yet there hasn’t been an instruction manual on how to do so. I wanted to create a deck that would help the reader to initiate or deepen a relationship with their intuition. I also wanted a deck that had some tangible offerings, so I incorporated specific messages based on your Astrological chart, journal prompts, visualization techniques, and reflection questions into the guidebook.

At what stage of the process were you before joining the course?

At first, I thought that the channeled information I received was for a book. When I started to experience a lot of writer’s block, I went into meditation for answers. My guides told me that I wasn’t writing a book at all; it was an oracle deck. I was in the process of dismantling the channeled writings I had and rearranging them into an oracle card format when I discovered the Oracle Creator course! I had the idea, structure, and general purpose of the deck, but didn’t have any artwork (or even an artist) at that point, and still had many cards to write.

What decisions did the course help you with?

The course helped me with just about every decision I had to make! I referred to it constantly for inspiration, organization, formatting, printing, pricing, marketing, selling, etc. It felt like a live person who was available around the clock to answer my questions and point me in the right direction.

What was the most valuable takeaway for you?

I can’t narrow it down to a single takeaway. The Inner Compass Oracle literally would not exist without the Oracle Creator course. I started as someone with a dream but no idea how to execute it, and ended as someone well-versed in how to self-publish. The value of this course is totally priceless.

Is there anything that surprised you about the process so far?

In my experience, creating the deck took a lot longer than I imagined, so I was constantly managing my own expectations. I also realized after I finished with the content creation that now my dream was in the hands of my artist and printer. It is extremely important to choose people and companies that you are aligned with, because they will have a huge imprint on your final product as well.

Would you like to share any details about the launch of your deck?

I am proud and excited to share that The Inner Compass Oracle is currently available for purchase! It can be found on Etsy!

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