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Digital Collage
in Canva

Online Class

Learn how to create beautifully layered collage art using Canva

Have you ever wanted to create stunning photo collage art for your personal or business projects? Maybe you…

• want to create beautiful graphics for your socials or marketing.

• have an idea for a card deck and want to create artwork to use.

• want to make digital art but don’t want to learn Photoshop.

• need help visualising ideas for a project or to share with your designer.

• just want some creative time and a fun activity!

This brand-spanking-new class has been created just for you!

Using the online design tool, Canva, you’ll learn techniques, tips and tricks to create engaging and inspiring artwork that you can use in various different ways.

So let your creativity run wild and join me. 



In this super inspiring and fun class I’ll be sharing and demonstrating how to create your digital collage including:

  • Planning your artwork
  • Setting up your Canva file
  • Searching and selecting images
  • Editing, colour and texture 
  • Arranging and layering elements
  • Exporting your finished art

You have the vision and now you'll have some new skills and direction to make it happen.



This online class will be presented in a password-protected private classroom on this website. The lessons and demonstrations will be taught through screen recordings and written content.

This is a self-study class. You receive lifetime access to all lessons once the class launches very soon on August 18, 2021.

You’ll receive an email as soon as the class content is ready for you to access!

Class begins

August 18, 2021

Use the techniques you learn to make your own oracle cards

You can really use this class to create artwork for anything you need! But I’ll also be sharing some info about turning your new digital art into oracle cards.

Digital Collage in Canva

Self-Study Online Class – Released August 18, 2021+ Lifetime Access

$77 USD

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Oracle Creator

Self-Study eCourse + Community –  Available Now + Lifetime Access


Digital Collage in Canva

Self-Study Online Class –
Released August 18, 2021+ Lifetime Access

$356 USD

Today is the final day to sign up and receive 20% off!

Please note: Special pricing and pre-registration ends midnight July 23, 2021 AEST.

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If you’re interested in registering for Oracle Creator only, doors will be opening on August 11, 2021.
Regular price of Oracle Creator ecourse is $279 USD.

Registration closed.

Special offers end midnight July 23, 2021 AEST.


Here’s a few questions about the class and using Canva which may be helpful.

Q. Can I create digital collage art using a free Canva plan?
You will need a Canva Pro account to be able to access some of the tools I’ll be demonstrating. You’ll also have access to more stock photos you can search and use in your designs. The great news is, you can sign up for a 30 day free trial for a Pro account. It costs USD $12.99/month if you choose to continue using it.

Q. Is it better to use Photoshop?
There are limitations to what you can do with Canva, simply because it’s not the robust photo-editing program that Photoshop is. If you’re looking to create complex or precise digital art, Photoshop will be your best choice. However it does take time and practice to learn Photoshop from scratch. Canva has some great tools which can simplify the process of creating a digital collage, especially for a beginner. It also offers direct access to stock photos to use in your work.

Q. Will this class be offered again in the future?
It will be but at this stage I’m not sure when that will be.  The pre-registration discount is only available until July 23, and is also the only time you can bundle this class with the Oracle Creator ecourse at a discount. 

Q. I’m super busy right now, when does the course start / is it live / can I purchase now and view later?
You have unlimited access to the content after the class is released August 18, so you can jump in whenever you’re ready.

Have any other questions?
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Who teaches Oracle Creator?

Jo Isabel Klima - The Darling Tree The Oracle Creator Ecourse is led by artist, designer and spiritual creative, Jo Isabel Klima.

With 17 years in the design and print industry and her business The Darling Tree, she has created several products including the successfully crowdfunded Inner Star Oracle card deck, and collaborated with Hay House on the Healing Mantra Oracle card deck.

Jo has experience in the many facets of bringing a card deck into the world, and she is so excited to share this knowledge with you.