Digital Collage
in Canva

Online Class

Learn how to create beautifully layered collage art using Canva

Have you ever wanted to create stunning photo collage art for your personal or business projects? Maybe you…

• want to create beautiful graphics for your socials or marketing.

• have an idea for a card deck and want to create artwork to use.

• want to make digital art but don’t want to learn Photoshop.

• need help visualising ideas for a project or to share with your designer.

• just want some creative time and a fun activity!

This brand-spanking-new class has been created just for you!

Using the online design tool, Canva, you’ll learn techniques, tips and tricks to create engaging and inspiring artwork that you can use in various different ways.

So let your creativity run wild and join me in this fun online class. 



In this super inspiring and fun class I’ll be sharing and demonstrating how to create your digital collage including:

  • Planning your artwork
  • Setting up your Canva file
  • Searching and selecting images
  • Editing, colour and texture 
  • Arranging and layering elements
  • Exporting your finished art

You have the vision and now you'll have some new skills and direction to make it happen.

What's Inside

This online class is presented in a password-protected private classroom on this website. The lessons and demonstrations are taught through screen recordings and written content.

This is a self-study class. You receive lifetime access to all lessons when you sign up.


Here's what's included in this super fun online class:

Doors open

March 9, 2022

Use the techniques you learn to make your own oracle cards

You can really use this class to create artwork for anything you need! But I’ll also be sharing some info about turning your new digital art into oracle cards.

Doors are now open!

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