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7 Reasons to Make Your Own Oracle Card Deck

On the fence about publishing a card deck to sell? Let’s take a look at some of the best aspects of creating a product like this for your community.

There’s no denying that creating a complete deck of cards is a big undertaking for an artist, creative or writer. It can feel overwhelming when considering all the different parts of the process: developing your idea; creating all the artwork; finessing the guidance shared in the message of each card; the funding, printing and production side. It’s understandable to question if it’s all worth it.

But like most things that are meaningful and often created through a deeply personal process, which requires time and devotion, the end result is this very special thing that is needed in the world and can have such a powerful and positive impact for others. 

Rather than focusing on the smaller details, if we zoom out a little we can see more of the overall value, benefits, freedom, excitement, and fun that can come with diving into bringing a card deck into the world.

1 / You get to create something unique to you

Often in our work and art, we are processing our own thoughts and experiences. This stems from an interesting journey in life that can be expressed in a particular way through you. You have insights and messages to share from your experience, your intuition and your own healing that is a powerful way to connect with others. What this means is that regardless of what card decks have been made or are yet to be made, you have something amazing to offer because it’s the culmination of your own wondrous journey.  

2 / You have free reign on what type of deck you create

A card deck can be so many things! It could be spiritual, practical, informative and imaginative. Your card deck can be based on literally any theme or style you can think of. If it’s something that is meaningful and inspiring to you, there’ll be others out in the world who feel the same way. I’m a firm believer in creating what you wish existed. Have fun with it!

3 / It can support your main services, products and clients

When we look at diversifying our offerings, it’s beneficial to find ways that these offerings can work together or support each other. Perhaps you coach people on a certain topic, or channel readings for others, or have a range of tools and resources to share your wisdom. A card deck is something that fits so well in different businesses simply because the subject matter is so far-ranging. 

4 / The number of people discovering and using card decks is growing

Of course, the tarot has been around for a long time, but it was really only used by a very small and specific group of people. As there is so much variation in the types of cards decks now being created and the steadily increasing use as personal development and spiritual tools, more people continue to use and enjoy them in their daily practice. 

5 / You can draw on something you already do and turn it into a tangible product

Maybe you write and post quotes and affirmations on Instagram, or you love making digital collages or painting a series of artworks. You could easily expand on these offerings to create a whole set of cards for a deck. Seeing your work in a beautiful physical product that people love using is incredible, and offers another way to connect with your work.

6 / It’s a product that is happily shared online by others

One of the best marketing tools you can have is people who love your product so much that they voluntarily share it with others. An oracle deck offers the opportunity to do this on a large scale with little effort. In a different way to a book or a piece of artwork, it’s a visually pleasing product that people use consistently. Their social media is a place for them to share their readings, insights and messages using their favourite card decks. This is one of the most effective ways to reach more people. You have content created around your products, as well as imagery that you can reshare with your audience.

7 / It can be an entry point to the publishing world

Over the last couple of years, larger publishers have been snapping up self-published indie decks on the regular to publish through their companies. Having a deck already in the market is going to be beneficial as publishers are now on the lookout for talented people who are already creating these offerings. They can make an offer on work that is already created, and love that there is an audience already resonating with the work.

For most of us, the decision to move forward and publish a deck simply comes down to the strong desire, dream or vision that we have. But it’s helpful to remind ourselves of other great reasons, and what our ultimate goal is in sharing our work with the world.

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